Restore Abilene

One of the tenets of Highland’s Restoration Vision is to restore Abilene. This section of the vision has three initiatives:

  1. To end systemic homelessness in Abilene through a housing first model.
  2. To partner with the Abilene ISD to help refugee students fit better in an education system that is unfamiliar to them, and to partner with the Abilene ISD to help students who are on the verge of dropping out get their High School Equivalency, through mentorship and financial aid.
  3. To provide citizens of Abilene with aid through the Highland food pantry (Christian Ministries of Abilene).
  4. To boost our presence in other neighborhoods through our Grace and Freedom campuses.

Hear from Ben

Ending Systemic Homelessness

Partnering with CitySquare in Dallas, Highland has purchased an abandoned hospital here in town that is being renovated to provide 30 apartments for Abilene’s most vulnerable. Highland is also doing┬ásome rapid rehousing through various partnerships in the area that provides people with a home for a shorter period of time while they get back on their feet.

St. Ann Project

Partnering with the AISD

Mike Thomesen and Royce Curtis lead this team, both are veterans of the education system. They teach a course on Americanization and American culture in the ESL class at Clack Middle School. The hope is that this will help students feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and more apt to succeed. Royce and many volunteers also help to mentor students who are working to get their GED. Getting your GED is not an easy process and many students circumstances make it even harder. The mentorship and financial aid provided by Highland and Highland members help to make it a more attainable goal, and opens up a new world of possibilities for the student.

GED Success Story

Christian Ministries of Abilene

Highland’s food pantry is located at Christian Ministries of Abilene at 701 Walnut. CMA serves xx amount of people each month. CMA isn’t just a food pantry. Abilenians can take care of their bodies at a workout facility called The Pit, and can take control of their finances through a financial education program called Faith & Finances.