About the Counseling Center

Highland Counseling Center is a professional counseling practice and a Church-based ministry. Our counselors/therapists are local professionals who collaborate with us to provide exceptional care at a convenient location and an affordable price. Each counselor has a Master’s Degree in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy and is either fully licensed or provisionally licensed as a counselor in the state of Texas. Many of our practitioners have other practice locations but agree to meet with our referrals at 238 Sayles Boulevard. It is our goal to create the most effective therapeutic relationship by choosing the particular professional(s) within the practice that will best meet each individual client’s needs.

While the counselors at Highland Counseling Center may have different approaches to treatment, utilizing a variety of techniques, theories and interventions, they all share in their belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior. Our belief that all healing counsel flows through Christ is the overriding influence of our counseling ministry. We believe in a holistic approach and the importance of psychological, emotional, relational, spiritual, and physical health and healing. It is not essential that you share your counselor’s Christian faith, but you have the right to know that their value assumptions are rooted in their faith and influenced by their experiences. We encourage you to discuss with your counselor his or her background and training before your proceed with counseling to ensure you are comfortable and confident in him or her.

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The Highland Counseling Center offers individual and family therapy for a range of needs, including:

• Pre-Marital Counseling

• Marriage Counseling

• Family Therapy

• Divorce Recovery and Adjustment

• Substance Abuse

• Sexual Abuse and Trauma

• Grief Counseling

• Anxiety

• Depression


238 Sayles Boulevard  |  Abilene, TX 79605