About Global Ministries

Highland is involved with works around the world. Specifically as part of the Restore the World vision, Highland is involved with welcoming the homeless in Brazil in partnership with our sister church in Itu, Brazil. Highland is committed to fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia. We have joined with Eden Ministries in Myanmar and Urban Light in Chiang Mai, Thailand to fight human trafficking in that region. Highland is also committed to being peacemakers in the Muslim majority world.

Hear from Derran

Restore the World Initiatives

Restoring the World by welcoming the homeless in Brazil.

Antenor and Phyllis Goncalves – Missionaries in Itu, Brazil

The Highland Church of Christ will work in a reciprocal partnership with the Itu Church of Christ. As a part of this partnership, we will also join the Itu Church in connecting with the Itu non-profit Crescimento Limpo, propelled by the common vision to love, serve, and empower our homeless neighbors in our respective locales.

Highland has been partners with the Goncalves family for nearly 20 years. We are so blessed by the partnership they have helped create between the Itu Church and Highland.

Crescimento Limpo

Restoring the World by fighting human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

Ryan Binkley, Missionary in Chiang Mai, .Thailand

The Highland Church of Christ will hire missionaries serving in Southeast Asia who are engaged in making disciples and training leaders, as well as cultivate partnerships with the churches they serve. We will also partner with humanitarian organizations focused on ministering to those affected by human trafficking so prevalent in this region. More precisely, we want to partner with those addressing the systemic causes that create and perpetuate trafficking and exploitation.

Ryan Binkley serves as a Highland-supported missionary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He works closely with Chuengdoi Church of Christ there. Another partner in Chiang Mai is Urban Light. Urban Light is located in the heart of the red light district in Chiang Mai and works primarily with boys who have been trafficked and exploited.

Highland is also partners with Eden Ministries in Myanmar. Eden ministries has done great work rescuing and rehabilitating girls trapped by sex trafficking for many years. They are now working very hard in prevention, by placing community centers in some of the most high risk areas of Yangon, Eden Ministries is educating and helping provide some basic needs that will make a huge difference in where children of these neighborhoods end up.

Eden Ministry

Urban Light

Restoring the World by Making Peace in the Muslim majority World

The Highland Church of Christ will take until 2019 to learn about the Muslim-majority world and peacemaking, beseech the Spirit to prepare the congregation and our future partners, and research and prayerfully discern ways in which God is working through individuals, organizations, and approaches to bring peace and reconciliation.  We anticipate partnering in peacemaking and engage in peacemaking personally.

A conversation with Dr. John Azumah

A Conversation with Imam Samer Maltabaa

Some of Our Partners Around the World