Highland’s Purpose

The Purpose of the Highland Church is to call all people to God. The God we call people to is most perfectly seen in Jesus Christ. Our task is to imitate Him. We commit ourselves through the power of the Holy Spirit to be God’s living expression of Himself on earth.

Highland’s Mission

The Mission of the Highland Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who prayerfully join together in missions, ministry and worship.

Highland’s Vision

Highland’s vision is called A Restoration Movement. It has three tenets, to restore Highland, restore Abilene, and restore the world. We believe when we join in the mission of restoring all things, then we are embracing our true identity as the Body of Christ. Below you can read what initiatives we are specifically focusing on in each tenet of the vision.

Restore Highland

• Offer creative, diverse, relevant, welcoming, and meaningful worship experiences.

• Grow current campuses (main campus, Freedom Fellowship, and Grace Fellowship) – become a church of over 3000 growing disciples, expanding resources for ministry (people and financial).

• Be a welcoming church for visitors and community.

• Connect Highland members to community, small groups, Bible classes, and ministry opportunities.

• Be a debt-free church and model Biblical stewardship principles. Financial goal is to allocate 51% of Highland budget to external mission efforts.

• Provide resources to restore, support, and strengthen families.

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Restore Abilene

• Address chronic homelessness in Abilene by implementing a housing-first model.

• Be involved in area schools through helping potential dropouts earn their GED, and helping students who are part of Abilene’s refugee population adjust to school and life in America.

• Expand ministries at Freedom, Grace, and Community Ministries of Abilene. Develop community centers for the neighborhoods around Highland campuses, providing opportunities for lifelong learning, teaching, mentoring, fellowship and fun.

• Partner with the Texas Dental Association for the Texas Mission of Mercy, an event where dental care is provided for the people of Abilene who don’t have access to dental care.

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Restore the World

• Welcome the homeless in Brazil by working more closely with the Itu church and the Crescimento Limpo ministry there.

• Combat Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia by partnering with missionaries doing church planting, and organizations working on prevention and liberation/after-care.

• Work to make peace in the Muslim-majority world. The Highland Church will take the next 4-5 years to learn about the Muslim-majority world, ask the Spirit to transform our fear into love, and prayerfully discern ways in which we can join God in bringing peace and reconciliation in those parts of the world.

• Restore the world by restoring Highland. The Highland Church of Christ will develop avenues through which its members can use their gifts and talents for the sake of God’s mission in the world and be transformed more fully into the image of Christ.

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Quick Facts about Highland

Worship Services
Bible Classes and Small Groups
Cups of Coffee drank each Sunday

Highland Worship Services

Our first service is acappella and begins at 8:30am. Second service is instrumental and begins at 11:00. Bible Class is at 10:00am

Highland’s Elders

The elders serve as shepherds of the members at Highland. They seek to lead people into a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer, service and relationship.

Highland’s Staff

The Highland staff works to create an atmosphere where members and guests can worship freely and find ways to serve God and bless the body of Christ as well as the world around them.